darklordforhire (darklordforhire) wrote,

BECT (Wanderlust) - Overview pt 1

Brimstone Emissaries in the City of Thorns is a game of exploration and building, of the character you will play, of the City, and of the various wonders and horrors within. The flow of the game is through questions, many which you will pose, and some arising from the setting itself. To compete for the answers of these questions you will play cards from parts of a split up Tarot deck. Meanwhile, the troubles you encounter along the way will be contributing their own cards to instinctively answer questions in their own way. Answers have a persistence, and include such things as being captured, falling in love or rage, and discovering a family secret.

Both your character and the troubles have a variety of moves linked together by arrows. By following the arrows from your last move to your next move you can describe an effective move, which alters the situation in some significant way, even if that move describes an apparent failure. While your character can try anything reasonable given the situation so you may want to describe several actions of your character before making your effective move. But bear in mind, only the moves available from your previous move will have a long term effect.

Each move will give you cards to play or change answers, adding or removing answers from the current situation. When you play cards to a question, you give each other existing side of that question a move, choosing either a trouble or character on that side, or to have a new trouble join an existing side, which gives that trouble a special move. You will choose which move each trouble makes, but the player of a character chooses their moves. In this way trouble is always reactive, either to a character's move or triggering from a setting piece.
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